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Retail Solution for Grocery

Grocery businesses require handling large and varied product mix. Candela retail software for groceries improves speed leading to efficient checkouts, and also effectively manages both perishable and nonperishable items. Creating discount campaigns and managing frequent offers is extremely easy with Candela. Sometimes item have to be sold as bundles and assemblies, customer invoicing has to be done efficiently to avoid queues in rush hours. Candela handles it all.

Candela has a proven track record of helping Grocery, gift items, and general items retailers in their growth and increased profitability.

Some key benefits which Grocery retail business get by using Candela are listed below:

You can plan all your operations including purchasing, discounting, inventory management for respective departments and categories

You are provided with tools to analyze your sales from different aspects and get detailed insight in top selling items and categories

You can manage inventory using three different re-order levels for every item

You can apply different types of discounts on selected items including percentage discounts, quantity discounts, invoice value discounts, fixed price discounts etc.

You can generate expiry report for perishable items on the basis of product batches and know which products are going to expire when and prevent financial loss

You get full control over your retail operations and provide service to customers which keep them coming back again and again
Extremely easy-to-learn and easy-to-use retail solution where point of sale and inventory management is fully integrated

Candela helps you to make your business more profitable through minimizing shrinkages and controlled expenses

Make Retail Simple for Someone's Retail Store.

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