Filter House Shahid Nazir,, Owner

LumenSoft gave us a new perspective on how a retail business can be streamlined. We never thought we could trust anyone with our business details. We thus took our time and decided to become their customer only when we realized that LumenSoft is not just bunch of people but a proper company with an efficient and proactive customer service. We are glad we made this decision. Candela is of tremendous help in managing our inventory and sales.

Filter House

Shahid Nazir,, Owner

Ferns Fins and Feathers Shahid Sheikh, Owner

I run a plant rental business where the nature of inventory makes it difficult to keep track of inventory levels; thus, replenishing our farm with the most sought after plants has always been a daunting task. Candela, being fully automated, has solved our problems. Its automated inventory controls help us maintain appropriate inventory levels, and its built-in reports provide real time data for intelligent business analytics.

Ferns Fins and Feathers

Shahid Sheikh, Owner

Baba Bakers & sweets  Hassaan Bilal, Owner

“Building a personal relationship with our customers is as important for us as our recipes. After decades of doing business in Gujranwala, where we had built deep roots in the community, it was a challenge to keep our core philosophy alive in Lahore, a much bigger city. But Candela helped us make this transition painlessly. We are using Candela enterprise version, it handles our entire business processes, and its robust reporting helps us keep track of all important indicators. Thus we can concentrate on our customers and confidently depend on Candela to take care of all our business needs.”

Baba Bakers & sweets

Hassaan Bilal, Owner

testimonial by Haroon’s  Sulman Nasir, Chief Executive Haroon’s

It has been a pleasure to use Candela as the software itself is remarkably good but moreover the things which attract one are the team Lumensoft, the comfort zone it creates for its users and the innovations and updates on which these people have special focus. For me it was one of the finest decisions we made and yes the things got changed. In our success story, we cannot ignore the contribution of Candela.


Sulman Nasir, Chief Executive Haroon’s

Candela testimonial by Maria B

“… I have never been a technology person but I knew enough to see that there existed tremendous room for growth by implementing a retail software solution. We were pleased to see that Lumensoft had a ready to implement product that needed barely any modification to run on our business. A few months after implementation I can get a current bird’s eye view of my business and can alter direction to focus on items that are selling well. I would definitely recommend Lumensoft to any retailer….“

Maria. B.

Maria B, the founder and owner of the business

Candela Testimonia by Mushroom Kingdom Shehzad Elahi, Chief Executive

“I have been nothing but pleased and excited with your services! In the past four years you have exceeded every expectation I had. I have nothing but praise for your technical & support staff. Not only are they extremely friendly, they are very knowledgeable and have always done everything they could to help us”.

Mushroom Kingdom

Shehzad Elahi, Chief Executive

Testimonial by EPCOT Shoes  Qamar Zaman Khan, GM Marketing

I am Candela user for last 8 years and I admire its capabilities. I am using Candela to manage footwear retail and footwear wholesale business. Candela is really very helpful in increasing sales with minimum stock levels, through refilling the stock assortment levels and inventory remains updated always. It is also very helpful in managing stock dispatches.

I strongly recommend Candela to all footwear retail chain and wholesale business for management of their sales, inventories, future planning, and accounts receivable positions of customers.


Qamar Zaman Khan, GM Marketing

Testimonial by Comley Shoes Ali Ashraf, Director

I have started using Candela few months back to manage my footwear and fashion items retail chain stores. Candela is the best of class available solution for managing footwear business. Candela has very good POS with all required functionality and is excellent at management of inventories. Stock distribution and cut size management makes the operations very easy and efficient. I encourage footwear retail businesses to go for Candela and stream line their operations.

Comley Shoes

Ali Ashraf, Director

Testimonial by Ego Tanvir Abdulla, EGO

Ego wishes to convey its gratitude to LumenSoft for facilitating its business with the advent of Candela (Software) into the system.

The system which is designed keeping in mind the local business structure is not only like tailor made software but also has proven to provide us with unthinkable ability to analyze and evaluate data.

LumenSoft has been a great partner in our business. Their support in the installation of the system and its maintenance and upkeep, has been a great source of comfort for us.

The team at LumenSoft needs to be applauded for designing and creating excellent software and more than that for having an amazing team to help setup and provide backup to their clients and customers.

We for one wish to acknowledge the organization and its management for “Excellence in Service” and wish them the very best for the future.


Tanvir Abdulla, EGO

Testimonial  by Hobby Lobby  Muhammad Adeem, Director Hobby Lobby

We switched to Candela Retail Management Software 2 1\2 years back and we had only one retail outlet in Lahore, this software has helped us to open two new outlets in Islamabad and Karachi. Without this software we could never imagine opening a single branch. The capabilities of the software are versatile,about 85 different reports give an excellent insight to business realities.

Equally important is the quality after sales support we received from Candella…. professionally tailored for a smooth operation, without which we could have never been a successful user of this software. Wish Candella to Grow day in and day as our growth is also dependent on theirs.

Hobby Lobby

Muhammad Adeem, Director Hobby Lobby

Testimonial by Mausummery  Mansoor Nawaz, COO Mausummery Textiles

Candela has enabled us to make judiciouis, real-time decisions by enabling tracking and info audit of critical stock flows. As a result, our audit and control mechanisms have improved resulting in real savings to us.


Mansoor Nawaz, COO Mausummery Textiles

Testimonial by Majiste  Steve Akwera, Executive Director

The Retail sector in Africa is just emerging from the troughs of a “hide and seek” game with regulators and revenue authorities. But after the de-regulation of several restrictive government policies on the sector, stakeholders are looking for retail solutions that will grow with their businesses each step at a time.

Candela offers an excellent and unique opportunity for a simple implementation that will grow into a sophisticated enterprise solution with the same look and feel within the local environment. Developed under an environment similar to ours, the software is a panacea to retail sector challenges like no other product in the market.

Majiste Communications Limited – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Lumensoft Partner, East and Central Africa



Steve Akwera, Executive Director

Testimonial by Jahangir Sons  Nabeel Niaz, CEO Jahangir Sons

LumenSoft retail management system CANDELA is an excellent tool for management of retail operations. We have very challenging environment with over 50,000 SKUs and Candela has lived up to our expectations. LumenSoft support is very good and they are always busy to provide innovative solutions for fast changing marketing conditions.

Jahangir Sons

Nabeel Niaz, CEO Jahangir Sons

Testimonial by Karma  Saad Ali, CEO, Karma Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd.

Retail brands cannot be successful without strong partners that can manage the back end of their operations. Candela and Lumensoft are those partners. More than the software and its applications, what Karma cherishes is the relationship that has developed with the company over the years.
We at Karma wish Mr. Aziz and his team the best of luck in all future endeavors and look forward to more solutions coming our way.


Saad Ali, CEO, Karma Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd.

Testimonial by Breakout  Imran Ghani, CEO Breakout

Candela has helped us to achieve our ambitious growth plans. With industry best practices built into the system, we have now total control over our operations. Stock management and optimization across our retail chain is done with ease and accuracy


Imran Ghani, CEO Breakout

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