Multi-store POS and Inventory Management Solution

Making retail simple for multi location retailers


Candela POS and inventory management for retail chain helps you scale your business and grow your brand with ease and efficiency. Candela RMS has all the retail tools that cover all the pain points of multi outlet retailers.

Its intelligent inventory distribution and optimization algorithms maintain the required inventory at stores. Stock transfers between stores is automated and centrally managed through head office.

For retail chains, the data transfer from shops to the back office server (head office) is very simple and occurs with a click of a button. The data can be transferred using a phone line the head office and at the retail outlet. Also the data can be transferred using the internet. Shops can use slow speed dial up internet connection or can use DSL internet connections. Due to simplified and efficient data transfer options the management of retail chain operations becomes very easy. Candela offers retailers a feature-set designed specifically for dynamic and growing companies.

Make Retail Simple for Someone's Retail Store.

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