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Candela has all essential retail features

Essential Retail Features

Candela is designed with POS and inventory management features that provide automated operations, integrated information, and real-time reports that help streamline the entire retail process. Check the feature list to see how Candela can be retailers’ best friend and tackle every retail challenge head on! Or download the free version and try it.

Candela manufacturing software

Manufacturing Module

Candela also offers manufacturing workflow process solution for textile and garment industry. Candela M comes with complete production planning and control by simulating the entire garment manufacturing environment. The module is integrated with retail management in Candela for complete synchronization with the retail operations.

Candela RMS comes with a full range of service

Full range of Services

Candela RMS comes with a full range of services from provision of hardware, to installation and after sale support. Our development team constantly improvises the software to cater to the evolving retail needs; and the team is backed by an efficient customer support department to create a seamless after sale support experience.

Candela Business intelligence software

Business Intelligence

Candela RMS is complemented with candela Business intelligence. Become a retail wizard by having quick access to data. Candela BI helps retail businesses perform complex trend analysis on sales and financial information, analyze stock and business performance metrics, and discover new relationships between different sets of data.

Candela is multi lingual retail software

Multilingual Retail

Retail market is global, and so is Candela RMS. Other than the standard English version, Candela supports retail business operations for all inventory and back office management in Urdu and Arabic languages. All window panels and dialog boxes can be translated to display the interface in the desired language. Make retail simple in the language of your choice.

Exclusive Features for Size and Color Businesses

Candela gives competitive advantage to footwear and apparel retail businesses (single stores and chain store) because of innovative features for these vertical markets. The features include:

System supported replenishment of product assortments and cut-sizes,

Automated stock movement for stock optimization

Presentation of data in the matrix format to view products with all available sizes.

Candela GUI (graphical user interface) is also designed to streamline operations of footwear and apparel retailers.

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size and color retail businesses with Candela

Apparel & fabrics

Retail POS & complete inventory management for specific needs of garments industry

Manage grocery retail store with Candela


Fast checkout & efficient inventory management for retail groceries handling varied product mix.

Manage your shoe store with Candela


Shoe Store POS and inventory software for footwear retailers for both single stores and retail chains.

Candela software for restaurants


Restaurant POS, inventory management, customer orders, table booking, Kitchen order tickets and more

Candela software for bookstores

Books & Stationery

Effective POS & Inventory management for  book stores selling books, stationery items, school uniforms, etc.

candela pharmacy retail software


The complete point of sale and inventory management solution for single drug stores or multi store pharmacies

Retail Chain Store Management

Candela has all the tools multi-store retailers need to grow their businesses. Whether you have two retail outlets or hundred, candela offers multi-dimensional inventory management, stock movement across different stores and warehouses, customized reporting, purchase management including PO and GRN, and loyalty club.

Candela Third Party Retail Integrations

E-Connect/Webstore Integration

Candela E-Connect acts as a gateway between Candela RMS and E-Commerce platforms. This solution stores the necessary data and provides different APIs which can be used by any third party to fetch this information.

GL Integration

Candela is integrated with Lightwave Accounting System (built by LumenSoft Technologies)


Candela is integrated with OneLoad. Using this feature, you can sell mobile card vouchers of all mobile networks in Pakistan

SMS Integration

Candela is integrated with multiple third party companies for SMS integration. You can send SMS to customers or suppliers on different transactions.

candela is an award winning software

Integration with PRA (Restaurant)

Candela is integrated with PRA (Punjab Revenue Authority). In this integration, detail of all the Restaurant invoices will be sent to PRA as well.

Integration with SAP (A1)

Candela is integrated with SAP (A1). This integration is based on text file. Candela pushes transactional data like sales, stock audits, stock movement etc. to SAP and pulls configurations data like products and purchases from SAP.

Integration with SAP (B1)

Candela is integrated with SAP (B1). This integration is at database level. Candela pushes transactional data like sales, stock audits, stock movement etc. to SAP and pulls configurations data like products and purchases from SAP.


Credit Card Integration

Candela is integrated with credit card machine (only MCB). In this feature, Candela saves bank transactional history detail against the credit card you swiped.

Integration with Oracle

Candela is integrated with Oracle. In this integration, Candela pushes summarized data to Oracle.

Integration with cGrate (for East Africa region)

Candela is integrated with cGrate. cGrate is used for mobile recharge. Candela fetches data from cGrate server and saves into local database.

Integration with Million software (for Malaysian client)

Candela is integrated with Million, a financial system software. Candela pushes data in it as excel file.


How Candela Made Retail Simple for our Customers

Maria B

“…. ….. A few months after implementation I can get a current bird’s eye view of my business and can alter direction to focus on items that are selling well.”

Maria. B.

Maria B, the founder

Hassaan Bilal, Owner  Baba Bakers & sweets

“We are using Candela enterprise version, it handles our entire business processes, and its robust reporting helps us keep track of all important indicators.”

Hassaan Bilal, Owner

Baba Bakers & sweets

Shahid Nazir, Owner  Filter House

“LumenSoft gave us a new perspective on how a retail business can be streamlined. Candela is of tremendous help in managing our inventory and sales.”

Shahid Nazir, Owner

Filter House

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